Your website is an important asset to your business and needs careful attention, to make sure you are getting the most out of this marketing tool.

I will carry out a SEO Audit over a week and will find out various bits of information to do with ranking factors on Google and Bing. This will then be followed up with a simplified Powerpoint Presentation and a phone call/clarity to confirm the best way forward.

What can I do for your business website?

  • Is your website not getting any traffic?
  • You feel your website looks great, but it is not gaining any sales.
  • You have heard of SEO but not really sure what it does and how it can help.

We offer a free SEO Audit, SEO Strategy and a Clarity Call to discuss in more detail what your website needs in order to grow. After the phone call, a more detailed monthly strategy will be put in place, which will be carefully scrutinised before going forward.

What goes in to a SEO Audit?

The SEO Audit is a thorough look at your website, your social media and your competitors website. It will identify any issues that show up immediately, with call to actions, spammy backlinks and internal links.

There are four main elements of an SEO Audit.

On-Page SEO – The main parts of the audit are:

  • Keyword Research – This involves making sure that the right keyword topics are used correctly on your website, in the right places to cause maximum impact.
  • Are the keywords in the right places on the page?
  • Does your web page have any broken links?
  • Does your website correctly link between pages, showing the potential customer where they can find out more information about your services.

User Experience

User Experience is very important, so that the potential customer can get the most out of your website and ensure that you are an expert in your field. In order to want to book your services or buy your products.

The SEO audit looks at the five-second rule, which means basically, within 5 seconds of landing on your website, they know what you are selling, what you have on offer and how they can go about getting it.

Off- Page SEO

The off- page SEO Audit looks at what happens away from your website. This can include:

  • Back – Links
  • Social Shares
  • How many times your brand name is mentioned, away from your website?

Strategies that can help with this include guest blogging, social media and taking part in influencer marketing.

Technical Audit

The technical audit looks at the how Google reads your website. This includes:

  • XML sitemap – This is submitted to Google and allows the spider-bots to analyse your website and see if it knows the topics that you want them to know.
  • – This is another way Google reads your website, it is using specific code that allows the bots to understand each part of your website.
  • Robots.txt file -This can be used to tell Google which parts of the website to access and what not have access too It is a vital file and can be used for security purposes. Also it can be used for different screen sizes, to tell Google which website part of the website to access for mobile and which for desktop.
  • Page Speed – This is an analysis of how fast your page loads. It is recommended under 5 seconds. This can be due to a lot of factors including image size, the javascript usage and css.

Types of SEO Strategies

We offer businesses that want to be found locally, nationally or even globally the chance to have a fully functional and well- designed website at a very reasonable price.

What Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services do we offer?

I offer a range of SEO Service Packages to suit the different types of business and expectations. Each package will be tailored to the need of your business.

A full list of the SEO services can be found here

What makes me different?

The reason we are different is because I give you 100% attention when needed. I am a small business too. So completely empathise with where you are coming from. I am understanding and can change something fairly easily if you don’t like it.

I offer website after care as part of the price so if you need a small minor change after completion. Ill carry this out without extra charge so this will give you peace of mind.

What will the Powerpoint presentation look like?

The Powerpoint presentation will include key bits of information that need to be improved on your website. On-page and Off-page.

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