How Can I help your business grow?

I am here to help make sure your first website can grow with you by:

  1. Having keyword research carried out to find out where your products or services fit’s in to the online marketplace.
  2. Ensuring each keyword group is correctly put on to page.
  3. Passing Google Speed Test.
  4. Making sure your website is mobile friendly.
  5. Use something called Schema.org to help get you noticed more on Google.
  6. Submit sitemaps and robots.txt files so Google knows where to search.
  7. Is your website user friendly and pass the 5 second test?
  8. Make sure your website has lead magnets in place so you can grow your email list (at an extra cost)
  9. Get your website featured in Google Local Listings
  10. Help you create a strategy to build up back-links.

All this for £297 which is so cheap. A basic website with none of this costs more.

Do you already have a website but it is not getting any hits on your page?

I can do an SEO audit for your website, This will enable me to find out why your website is not getting hits and where it can be reviewed and changed.

Then dependent on what needs to change on your website I will charge you for each section. My prices are transparent so to know that you are being treated the same as everyone else in yo About Me

About Me

My name is Jennifer Okarma. i have been designing websites and helping with businesses social media for over 10 years. My passion for SEO started 2 years ago when I got frustrated with websites sitting there and not doing anything useful for any business. This forced me to learn and get to grips with SEO. Since then I have helped new businesses get featured on the first page of Google.