Back – Linking and Citation

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What is Back-Linking?

A lot of people come up and ask what is back-linking and how do I do it, so I thought that I would try to explain in the simplest of ways.

Back-linking is getting other businesses to link back to your website page. This is where your link goes on an external website back to your own.

Citation is mentioning your business name. The way to be recognised as an authoritative sites is to gain as many back- links as you can.

However there is a hierarchy of back-linking websites. If you spam your website link over everybody’s website pages you are more likely to get penalised. Also paid back – links will harm your website position and rating.

How to get started with back-linking

The easiest way to get started with back -links is:

1  Social Media- Share your articles, videos and podcast’s on Social Media sites where your ideal client hangs out. When they click on that link they will be directed back to your website.

2  Link to local pages in your area that have authority like Chambers of Commerce, Council, a prominent business in your area also local networking groups

3  Create amazing content that will get shared. Make it interesting and inviting to your ideal client.

4  Look for business related to yours to link to – The type of business with high authority so SEO for me would be Ofcom and the Department for digital, media and sport to link to.

5  Next would be on-line/off-line magazines.

6  Newspaper- start local and grow.

7 Write an ultimate guide using your expert knowledge that can be shared and linked to

8 Take a look at your competitors back – links.

9 Check out who has mentioned your brand name and turn it into a back-link. Try Buzzsumo, or Google Alerts.

10 Guest – blogging – Appear on high domain-authority blogs as part of an article. This will enhance your brand awareness as well as your back-link profile. Check out this guide to guest-blogging.

I’m sure that there are many more ideas but this can be a start, to be recognised, as an authoritative website. Look out for my next challenge, where we will be focused on this area. a lot more.

What is an anchored- back-link?

An anchored-back-link is when the link has relevent text over it rather than”click here”, it will contain one of your keywords. The keyword and link back to your website must show that you are an expert in your area.

An anchored- back- link should appear within the article and not on the side bar. This will show to Google that it is relevent and not just a random link spammed in the comments.

This will help in your plight for the ultimate website and appearing on the first page of Google.