SEO Guide


Having attended my first business show, I have some important tips.
The most important element is what is your Unique Selling Point? How are you different from your competitors.

Have a clear strategy about what you want to achieve.
This might be email addresses, sales or networking.
Be confident- know your unique selling point.

Graphics and Leaflets
Send one clear message on the day through your graphics
Be brand consistent, with your colours.
Get your roller banners or graphic designed at least 2 month in advance.
Take plenty of leaflets and brochures to sell your product or service.
Think about your table layout – How will your leaflets be displayed?

Table Layout
Table Cloth- What colour will you use and is it ironed for better display.
Are you going to have your brand logo printed on the tablecloth?
How will you show off your leaflets? Will you use leaflet holder or rest them on something to keep it standing

How does your off-line messages coincide with your on-line marketing e.g your website and social media profiles with your leaflets and graphics.
Use social media to create links with potential customers before the day begins.
Have a good offer on the day for your product or service.
Run a competition to build rapport with other business services.
Take your business cards
Is your website ready to go. This can be used to discuss your product

Talking to Clients
If your product is complex, where will you take a potential client to achieve that one on one personal discussion and maybe start the process of the sale.
Take a notebook to take down any queries or questions.
If you would like to sell your products on the day, think about how your customers can pay you.

I hope this helps you to plan for your business show.

Please contact me for help designing your graphics, leaflets or website on 074825680621 or