Back – Linking and Citation

What is Back-Linking?

Back-linking is getting businesses to link back to your website page. This is where your link goes on an external website back to your own.

Citation is mentioning your business name. The way to be recognised as an authoritative sites is to gain as many back- links as you can.

However there is a hierarchy of back-linking websites. If you spam your website link over everybody’s website pages you are more likely to get penalised. Also paid back – links will harm your website position and rating.

How to get started with back-linking strategies

The easiest way to get started with back -links is:

1  Social Media- Share your articles, videos and podcast’s on Social Media sites where your ideal client hangs out. When they click on that link they will be directed back to your website.

2  Link to local pages in your area that have authority like Chambers of Commerce, Council, a prominent business in your area also local networking groups

3  Create amazing content that will get shared. Make it interesting and inviting to your ideal client.

4  Look for business related to yours to link to – The type of business with high authority so SEO for me would be Ofcom and the Department for digital, media and sport to link to.

5  Next would be on-line/off-line magazines.

6  Newspaper- start local and grow.

7 Do guest blogging on a well known, relevant website to your business.

8 Take a look at your competitors back – links.

I’m sure that there are many more ideas but this can be a start, to be recognised, as an authoritative website. Look out for my next challenge, where we will be focused on this area. a lot more.

What is an anchored- back-link?

An anchored-back-link is when the link has relevent text over it rather than”click here”, it will contain one of your keywords. The keyword and link back to your website must show that you are an expert in your area.

An anchored- back- link should appear within the article and not on the side bar. This will show to Google that it is relevent and not just a random link spammed in the comments.

This will help in your plight for the ultimate website and appearing on the first page of Google.

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What are the best Lead Generation Techniques?

Lead generation will happen more quickly if your website is on the first page of Google and your web pages are laid out correctly.

What is the best way to get leads?

The best way to direct people to your website is by using external websites, including social media to show your expertise and direct people back to your website.

This will also help increase the rank of your website s you will have more brand mentions.

How does Google decide where on the search engine your web-page and domain will rank on?

Google uses over 200 factors to decide what page your website will appear including on-page factors, technical factors an off- page factors. We will explain some of the off page factors used to determine your page.

1. Website Content Updated

If your website has a blog, podcast or image library that is frequently updated with posts (recommended size between 2000 and 3000 words) that show your specialism. Google is more likely to refer to it.

2. User reviews enhancing the website’s reputation

User reviews on Google my business page, Facebook and on your website help enhance the trust element too.

3.Backlinking and lead generation

Back-linking is the process of linking your website to other websites with authority and trust. The types of sites and pages that you backlink to can heavily impact your website ranking. A website that is classed as highly spammy can ruin your backlinking reputation. Websites should be back – linked to other websites that have a connection with their own brand and ethos, soit would not be good a painter and decorator linking to a clothing brand as they are unrelated. Therefore backlinking can take time as you need to get build an on-line relationship with similar brands to your own. A website that is quite old with a good reputation and has interests to your own is the ideal back link material.

4. A link to Wikipedia

This is known to bring trust to your website.

5. Social Media

Social media naturally has a nofollow, however social media websites can help grow your online reputation and can link back your website A Facebook , Linkedin or Twitter account with lots of followers, likes and interactions can tell Google that the brand is popular and should be ranked more highly on a web page.

6. Multimedia

Using videos, infographics and images on your website and on your blog can be seen as quality content and will enhance your websites pages.

7. Using anchor text as links on other sites

By linking back using anchor text with your keywords embedded, this will help enhance your website for keywords.

8. Creating Trustworthy content

Creating content that shows you are an expert and handing your link to equally credible sites will show that you have authority in your field. Links will naturally begin coming to you, as your content is informative and valuable.

How would you build back-links for my website?

We would do this by creating amazing long-form content (1500 – 2500 words) that would show that your business is knowledgeable, This could be enhanced by images and videos.

9.How long would it take for my website to get to the first page?

If your website is in a bad place in terms of SEO, it can take 3 months minimum to see any changes in terms of search engine position. With on- page, off page SEO and technical factors in place your website will naturally start getting more hits and leads, putting your business in better place. Generally we would recommend staying with us for a year and a half so we can test and find out what is the best way forward, We will be naturally increasing back links with credible websites,but this will take time. The best keywords and the best social media techniques for you to use.

10. What is the best SEO Package for my business?

Everyone has different business needs, so we can discuss the best package for you to use over an informal phone conversation or meetup. Please call Jenny on 07482 568061

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