How to use Xampp in Brackets

Xampp is best used when designing your website to enable to  you sort out any Php and MySQL errors before going on to a live host.

Xampp uses MySQL . MySQL  is done through Phpmyadmin; allowing you to connect your website to a dynamic database.

I personally use Brackets as my website editor as I find it very easy to use and it is also free  of charge unlike other programs.

Step by Step Guide

  • First download Brackets, according to the system that you are using e.g Mac or Windows.
  •  Save Brackets setup on your system where you can find it most easily.
  • Allow through any security settings.
  • Brackets is now installed. You may want to play around with the settings to get it the way you like it. (Check out my next tutorial)
  • Download Xampp screenshot
  •  Once it is downloaded, Go to Xampp control panel and make sure Apache and MySQL is ticked.
  • You can check that Xampp is working by typing in http://localhost and the website should come up.


  • Once Xampp is downloaded, you should notice 3 different sections to it . These are Bitnami for Xampp (I don’t really use this one), Xampp Control Panel and Xampp htdocs.
  • Xampp htdocs should be where the folders of your websites should be copied into once you have saved them on to your hard drive.
  • The htdocs folder can then be copied into Brackets where it shows you to put your working files .
  • In the corner of Brackets you should see  lightening symbol. This will allow you have live preview.
  • If you would like to preview this using Xampp, go to File – project settings and it will ask for the url ; you will need to write http://localhost again.
  • Any questions please comment.



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