I offer an SEO audit and strategy call so to establish the best way forward for your business.

The SEO Audit highlights which area’s of your website need improvement.

This includes:

On – Page SEO

Keyword Research – Thorough keyword research will help identify areas which are not being used in the best capacity on your website.

Meta- tags Are all meta – tags being used correctly?

Does each page on your website have enough content that is not thin or duplicated? This will help the clients that come to your website to be able to read .

Internal-link structure – The internal link structure will help improve user experience. It will make sure that each piece of content is useful and in the right place

Off- Page SEO

Social Media – This is a place where content from your website can be shared and led back to your website.

Back-Links – These help grow your authority.

Google my Business page- This help with local and national SEO to enhance your websites status on the web.


Xml sitemaps – Google reads XML and this needs to be submitted to the search engines, so they know what your website contains.

robots.txt files – This can be used to block unwanted pages from being searched on the web

Google Analytics Setup – This will give you a more detailed look in to so many differnt elements of how your customers are using your website.

Search Console – This lets you know if there are any faults on your website.

Page Speed- This is important and various measures can be put in place to enhance your websites speed.


When deciding what strategy is best for your business, the initial audit highlights what pages of your website are good and what pages need most improvement. This will give the basis for the SEO strategy going forward,

The Process

The initial audit is carried out. This looks at each element, that will increase your websites rankings.

The audit is sent to you for you to look at and if you have any questions – ask away.

The initial strategy is sent to you in a presentation format. You will then receive a phone call to discuss the best way forward for your business.

After a discussion, a final agreed strategy is sent to you.

At this point, the final changes will be noted, ready for the final write up.

This detailed report will form part of the contract. It will detail exact dates and what will be done by when.

If all is agreed, then the contract will be sent to be signed.

The contract will be signed.

The initial contract is for a minimum of 3 months. After 3 months, the contract can be cancelled. If continuing the contract will remain in place. A minimum of 1 months notice is required.

Work begins, following time specifications.

Monthly reports are sent. looking at the goals of the website.