SEO Services

Don’t let your website be lost on Google or other search engines. Let me make it right

SEO is the process of getting Google, Bing and Yahoo to reference your website . This can take up to 3 months, it is best to prepare your keywords and pages well in advance.

There are 3 main elements. This is on- page seo meaning on your websites pages, off- page seo to include social media and spreading your blog to relevent people including guest sites and organisations connected to your industry and technical seo which is the robots.txt files, site architecture and other important necessities to build your website.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world so Search engine optimisation experts tend to focus on this main one. A good place to research is the Google Searchmasters tips. This is written by Google so ultimately the best place to go to research.Please watch the videos below to find out a bit more about what is needed in each part of SEO.

SEO Audit on Your Website

The SEO Audit is a thorough look at your website, your social media and your competitors website. It will identify any issues that show up immediately, with call to actions, spammy backlinks and internal links.

The Contents of the SEO Audit are:

Page Urls

Are all pages indexed?

Content style and length -Landing Page Conversion Optimisation

Thin and Duplicate Content

Does your website rank for your brand name?

Structured data (schema. Org)

Does your website have any broken links internally or externally?

How many clicks to get to your main landing page?

What are the call to actions?

Where are they placed?

Does your website pass the 5 second test? What do you sell? What is the company name? Will I benefit from it?

Canonical Tags

Mobile issues

Is you website fit for use on mobiles

How long does it take to load?

Technical – robots.txt file

Submitted to search engines?

LSI keywords

Title tag

Meta Description

Meta keywords

H1 and h2

Image alt


Where is most of your traffic coming from?

Which are your top landing pages?

What keywords are you currently ranking for? Any quick wins to increase your traffic?

Back- linking

How many back-links do you currently have?

Can some do with updating?

Do you have any spammy back-links?

Social Media Platforms

Followers and Engagement

Your report will take 2-3 days to complete and we will arrange a consultation to discuss the outcome,the report will be given to you or sent.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is carried out and particular keywords are used in particular areas on your website, dependent on the searchers point in the buying cycle. For a more in depth look at keywords. Please view How to get on the First Page of Search Engines.

Landing Page Analysis

Conversion Rate – This is when someone does something on your website e.g clicks a form, adds to cart or downloads something. Ultimately this is what we want to change when someone goes on your website.

The statistics show that only 1-2% of people will click on the form or add to cart. This is why we need to make sure more people are coming to your website and find it easy to make a purchase

The point in our landing page analysis is to pinpoint where you can lose clicks from and rectify this for you with unique content to build trust with your customers.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is designed to make your website search engine friendly, with robots.txt files. schema markup, xml sitemap and website speed.

What content can I provide?

I can write SEO articles, edit videos to a high standard and provide some images. However in the consultation we can discuss what is needed to take your website forward.

I understand that fixing your website can be a big decision.

For peace of mind, I will ensure you are happy after the audit consultation. It is done on a month by month basis so you can pull out anytime. BUT your results will be impressive so you wont want to!!!

After your audit is complete. This is what we offer:=

Web Page Content £70 per page up to £1000 words. All web page content will be fully SEO optimised to your specified keyword. and will be implemented to give the greatest probability for your web page to be ranked on page 1.

SEO Blog content writing and research £70

Blog Sharing on to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with Images – To be discussed

Keyword research groups (per page) £20

Google Analytics Setup

Search Console Setup

Monthly reporting – £20 per month

Image alterations £20

Check out some important statistics about SEO